Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program

Canada federal skilled worker program is a special program organized by Canada government allowing people from various countries to come and work in Canada and also get a permanent residency to the country. This program constitutes a list of eligible professions which are only allowed to offer permanent residency. Therefore you need to satisfy the eligibility of the profession and should also satisfy the requirements of the position. This program offers 25000 people citizenship and working rights to Canada every year. But the number of people per occupation is limited and hence one should apply for this program as soon as possible because the competition is so tough for getting under this program. Canada federal skilled worker program provides great opportunity to people from all over the world to have a new experience of their life whether professionally or personally, this can change your life forever. The eligibility of the program is based on various points associated with different factors such as age, experience, adaptability and acquired skill set . One having a higher point score have more chances of getting clear under this program.
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