Dubai Visa, Dubai Visa for Indians, Dubai Tourist Visa, Dubai Work Visa

Dubai is most sought after country for tourism purposes. With a land full of tourist places, it is considered as the most popular holiday destination where people often get away to relive their life with some joy and fun. To get into the country as a tourist one need to have a Dubai tourist visa which permits the holder to visit the country for a limited period of time and for tourism purpose only. The Dubai tourist visa comes in various options depending on the duration of stay in the country which ranges from 96 hours to 90 days and hence the application fee for every option of Dubai visa differs from one another. The Dubai visa providing longer duration of stay is obviously the more expensive one. Issuing of visas can sometimes be a long procedure if things don’t work out in your favor. However getting a Dubai visa for Indians becomes so much easier once you connect with settleviaus. We are able to provide Dubai tourist visas to our customers in the 4 working days after you contact us and get your application filled. We also offer online services so that you don’t have to visit us and can fill up your application at the comfort of your home. We guarantee the highest chances for approval of visas by the visa committee and provide a transparent and hassle-free experience to our customers. We also provide tourist guidance to our customers which can add on the beauty and comfort to your trip to Dubai.
With the rise in job opportunities available in Dubai, more people from India are getting attracted toward the country to earn a living over there. Dubai is offering jobs to skilled and non skilled labor at decent packages and hence every other person in applying to get Dubai Work visa. Settleviaus also provide Dubai work visa to Indians in a very comfortable and easy way under very short duration. So, Contact now to get your visas ready for you.